Coco 8 Spritzers - Piña Colada - Strawberry Daiquiri - Sangria

COCO 8 Spritzers

Produced by the highly awarded and largest certified organic vineyard in the Hunter Valley.

Coco 8 Spritzers are made with the highest quality white and red wines, natural fruit concentrates and other flavourings. The spritzers are carbonated to produce a great taste sensation, and with a twist of lime, pure ecstasy.

The grapes in COCO 8 Spritzers are grown in a pristine vineyard remote from commercial agriculture. No chemical herbicides or pesticides are used in the vineyard.

The grapes are harvested in the cool of the night to keep them fresh and prevent oxidation by the hot sun of the day. Delivered to the winery before daylight, the grapes are pressed and allowed to cold settle, and are then fermented using a neutral yeast.